What does CHC do?
  • When enabled CHC will periodically run a network test on your camera to ensure it can be accessed by Secure Cloud Video.
  • The test is very similar to the Network Test that's run when you first added your camera to Secure Cloud Video.
  • If there's a test failure, you will be notified by mobile or email notification, depending on your preference.
  • The test frequency is 3 hours
  • After a camera fails a test, the user will also be notified when it passes the next test
How to enable CHC

CHC is another camera setting like any other and is available from the Edit Camera option or when adding a camera. To enable this feature simply switch the option to "ON" for any camera that you want tested.

Enable CHC

If you wish to be notified when a test fails you can simply add CHC to your notification list (along with Motion Detection). By selecting this option a notification will be sent to your mobile app and to the email provided under the My Account -> Settngs -> Notifications.

Notification Settings

Failed test and notifications

When a CHC test fails, a notification will be sent by email or to your mobile app. The camera will then be assigned an "Alert" state to indicate there's a failed test.

Failed Test & Notification

The camera can be removed from this state by:

  • A successful CHC test (on the next scheduled test), or
  • A successful manual retest, which can be run by selecting Edit Camera -> Test Connection.

Once either of these two tests pass, the camera will return to its normal healthy state.

A user will also be notified when a camera in failed state passes the next automated health check.

Supported Cameras

Currently, only Vivotek cameras are supported by this feature.