This article explains how to setup a Hanwha Techwin IP camera with Camcloud to enable cloud storage and other features.

Note:Ensure that you have your camera serial number and MAC ready. Or if you choose to install the camera without the SDK; ensure that the camera is port forwarded.If you have access to an Android or iOS device; it may be easier to use the Direct-To-Cloudcamera add method available through our app.

Start the "Add Camera" Wizard

First Login to your portal at Click on the "TIMELINE" tab. This is where you'll have a list of any cameras you've already setup. Click on "Add Camera" and pick "Hanwha Techwin". Then name your camera whatever you'd like.

Once you click on next, you'll have to add the following information:

  • A) Your camera's serial number and MAC

  • OR

  • B) By toggling "Open SDK" off, you will need to enter the camera's username, password, IP address, as well as the HTTP and RTSP ports. This means your HTTP and RTSP ports need to be forwarded on your router.

Click on Next.

In the Camera Settings menu, choose the Quality you desire, your camera sensitivity and what you would like to have email notifications for. You may also want to enable the Camera Health Check". Recording Mode options are 30 second "Video" clips or Continuous Recording. Image appearance settings include the ability to adjust your cameras image based on your needs and the camera placement. Settings include "Flip", "Mirror", "Flip-Mirror" and the default "Normal". Once you're done, click on "Finish".

If you need any additional assistance, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.