Hanwha-Techwin cameras have been integrated with Hosted Cloud Video to provide a reliable, simple and user friendly setup process.


  • You will have to be registered as a partner on the Hosted Cloud Video platform in order for you to add a camera using the Direct-To-Cloud plug and play setup process. Adding Hanwha-Techwin cameras through the Camcloud consumer channel is not available at this time.

  • Your Hanwha-Techwin camera will need to be on the supported cameras list. If it's not currently supported for plug-and-play Direct-To-Cloud, you will still be able to add it using the "Automatic Setup" process, however, the camera will need to be port forwarded first.

  • Download the Hosted Cloud video app for Android and/or iOS in order to use Direct-To-Cloud. The feature cannot be leveraged directly through the webpage at this time. The webpage can be used to add a camera using the "Automatic Setup" and all camera functions and features will be available via the webpage, after the camera is aready added.

  • You will need to be on the same network as your Hanwha Techwin camera in order to find a camera using Direct-To-Cloud.

Adding a Hanwha Techwin IP camera using Direct-To-Cloud

  1. Login to the Hosted Cloud Video app with your credentials and select "Add Camera"

  2. Choose Hanwha Techwin from the list of cameras and select "Cameras Scan" to search your local network for cameras

  3. Select one or multiple cameras, from the scan results, that you wish to add.

    Multiple functions are available from this portion of the setup:
    • If your camera requires a firmware update, you will be prompted to download and install the firmware in order to make the camera compatible with this feature. If your camera already has the latest firmware, this step will be skipped altogether.

    • Should the camera(s) be set with a password other than default, you will be prompted to enter the password to continue. If the password is the same for all cameras, you can retry the password for all cameras found in the scan

    • If the default password has not been changed, you will not need to enter a password.

  4. Once the password is entered for the camera; a preview windows is available that is updated every few seconds. This is handy in the event that you are installing multiple cameras at a time and unsure of the exact location of the device. Check the box beside any camera that you wish to add. Once this is done, select "Add Selected Cameras".

  5. Optional: select the "settings cog" to configure the following settings for the camera (model dependent):
    • Flip
    • Mirror
    • WDR
    • Simple Focus

  6. Select "Done" when you have completed adding cameras. The process can be started again at any time, if other cameras are added to the network in the future.

At this point you should be brought to your Timeline and the cameras will have started recording to the cloud.